CV - LEMAIRE Jean-Jacques

Professor of Neurosurgery; Head of the research team IGCNC (Image-guided Clinical Neurosciences & Connectomics; Auvergne University.

Hospital Neurosurgeon; Head of the service of Neurosurgery; head of a University Hospital Hub; University Hospital of Clermont-Ferrand.

Education/Training: Researcher, Harvard Medical School, Boston & UCLA, Los Angeles (2008-2009; Inserm-ITMO medical technology); Accreditation to Supervise Research & PhD (1994, Clermont-Ferrand); Formation on brain neoplasm (1994, Saint-Anne Paris University Hospital; Faculty, Prof. C. Daumas-Duport, Prof. H. Hassoun, Marseille); Formation on stereotactic neurosurgery & deep brain stimulation (1990-1991, Grenoble University Hospital; Faculty, Prof. A.L. Benabid, Dr. P Pollack), Formation on stereotactic technique (1992, Bergen; Faculty, Prof. E.O. Backlund, Prof. A. Bosch); Prehistory, Ethnology and Anthropology Master (1989, Paris I); Anatomy & Medical computing, Human Biology degree (1989, Clermont-Ferrand); MD (1988, Clermont-Ferrand).

Others: 3rd cycle of medical studies, neurosurgery, Interregional steering committee; Master programs, surgical science, option neuroscience (M2, Paris XI-XII), Medical Technology (M2, Clermont-Ferrand); Reviewer and editorial committee of scientific journals.


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