Variation maps

Variation Maps of 18 F-fluorodesoxyglucose Pet-Scans of Severe Brain Injured Patients
(Individual Comparison of Deep Brain Stimulation in On and Off Conditions)

F-fluorodesoxyglucose (F-FDG) positron emission tomography (Pet-Scan) is used for the exploration of brain disease metabolism. In deep brain stimulation (DBS), FDG Pet-Scan enables to detect metabolic variations, prior and after DBS 1 , using group comparison analysis (e.g. SPM). We developed an original individual comparison of FDG Pet-Scan, in severe brain injured patients with extensive brain tissue lesions making statistical parametric approach useless.

Fig. 1: Patient 3: Pet-scans. DBS condition A. On, C. Off; DBS condition (CGM Normalized) B. On, D. Off.

Fig. 2: Patient 3: Variation map overlaid on T1.