Some years ago, team members J. Gabrillargues and J.J. Lemaire have developed the WAIR sequence (White matter Attenuation Inversion Recovery), a structural MRI sequence designed to optimize the signal-to-noise ratio of deep brain regions, in clinical conditions (i.e., with constraints of time, symptoms, etc). The WAIR sequence is designed for 1.5 Tesla machines, currently the most widespread MRI machines in hospitals around the world, and relies on Turbo Spin Echo and Inversion-Recovery.

The WAIR sequence, with its optimized contrast at the level of the basal ganglia, allows a direct mapping of most anatomical objects in the deep brain, by the neurosurgeon (ongoing work in the team aims at partial automatization of this task). The mapped objects then serve as the basis for surgical planning and post-op control. But they also constitute an important dataset of anatomo-functional, patient-specific mappings of the deep brain, providing data for novel research on neuromodulation. This research axis is the historical foundation of our team, and remains a major component of our activities to this day : see the detailed list of related research topics (box on the right).